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The Zyprexa Papers -- Gottstein
Mind Fixers -- Harrington

Bottle of Lies -- Eban
How to survive in an overmedicated world -- G°tzsche

Resisting Illegitimate Authority -- Levine

Big Pharma, Big Greed -- Sheller

Too Many Pills -- Le Fanu

China Rx -- Gibson & Prasad Singh
The Danger Within Us -- Lenzer
the way we die -- O'Mahony
Deadly Psychiatry and Organised Denial -- G°tzsche

Less Medicine More Health -- Welch

Psychiatry under the Influece -- Whitaker & Cosgrove

Psychiatry and the Business of Madness -- Burstow

Mistakes Were Made -- Tavris & Aronson
Beyond the DSM-5! -- Van Os

Do No Harm -- Marsh
Our Necessary Shadow -- Burns

Mad Science -- Kirk, Gomory & Cohen

Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal -- Breggin

Bad Pharma -- Goldacre

Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime -- G°tzsche
Mammography Screening -- G°tzsche
How We Do Harm -- Brawley & Goldberg
Anatomy of an Epidemic -- Whitaker

Confessions of a GP -- Daniels

Countertransference and Retribution -- Ziffer
Denying AIDS -- Kalichman
The Depression Epidemic -- Dehue

The H Word -- Coffey & Schweikert

Mad, Bad and Sad -- Appignanesi

Worried Sick -- Hadler

Hippocrates' Shadow -- Newman
Psyched Out -- O'Meara

The Forgotten Chapter -- Heyl

Surprise Treatment for Dyslexia, ADHD, Headaches and Other Conditions -- Oetringer

Soul Survivor -- Maddock & Maddock

unsafe at any dose -- Johnson

The Peaceful Pill Handbook -- Nitschke & Stewart
2005 Cigarette Smoking, COPD and Psychological Problems -- Wagena

Making Sense of Psychotic Experiences -- Escher

Pinker's List -- Morgan

Hope or Hype -- Deyo & Patrick

Die Hempelsche -- Mathey

Rethinking Psychiatric Drugs -- Jackson

American Meth -- Braswell
2004 Boss of Your Own Brain -- Blok

Medicines out of control? -- Medawar & Hardon

Prevention Manual -- vd Stel

The Gene Illusion -- Joseph

The Virus and the Vaccine -- Bookchin & Schumacher
2003 Deconstructing schizophrenia -- Blom

The Truth About the Drug Companies -- Angell

The Disease Inventors -- Blech

Fiction and Fantasy in Medical Research -- Penston

What Really Causes Schizophrenia -- Foster

Autism: Explaining the Enigma -- Frith

Video: Enriched by Experience -- Limburg GGZ

War Against the Weak -- Black
2002 Mad in America -- Whitaker

Schizophrenia, A Scientific Delusion? -- Boyle

The Creation of Psychopharmacology -- Healy

Creating Mental Illness -- Horwitz

The Hystorectomy Hoax -- West & Dranov
2001 But Fidgety Phil / He Wonĺt Sit Still -- Brancaccio

The Constant Gardener -- Le CarrÚ

The Tyranny of Health -- Fitzpatrick

Damned Lies and Statistics -- Best

Trust us, we're experts! -- Rampton and Stauber
2000 Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders -- APA

Quacks in a Potassium Solution -- Renckens
Modern Medicine -- Clerc
1998 A Beautiful Mind -- Nasar

Accepting Voices -- Romme & Escher
1997 Seduced by Death -- Hendin

The Dialectics of Schizophrenia -- Thomas

A History of Psychiatry -- Shorter

Whores of the Court -- Hagen
1996 Dose of Sanity: Mind, Medicine, and Misdiagnosis -- Walker
1995 Bruno Bettelheim: The Other Side of Madness -- Sutton

They Say You're Crazy -- Caplan
1994 Psychiatrists ľ The Men Behind Hitler -- R÷der et al

The Myth of Neuropsychiatry -- Mender

The Bell Curve -- Hernnstein & Murray
1992 The Selling of DSM -- Kirk & Kutchins

Toxic Psychiatry -- Breggin
1989 Diseasing of America -- Peele
1988 Against Therapy -- Masson
Great and Desperate Cures -- Valenstein
1983 Ravings of a Madwoman -- Van Osterholt & B÷kenkamp

The Benzodiazepines: From Molecular Biology to Clinical Practice -- Costa
1979 Confessions of a Medical Heretic -- Mendelsohn
1976 The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind -- Jaynes
1967 Goal and Means -- Romme
1961 Asylums -- Goffman
M.C. -- De Vries

Readers as well as authors are welcome to send us books for review. Books may be submitted electronically or by mail. For an electronic submission permission must be requested in advance. Unsolicited attachments will not be opened. We do not pay for books or return them. Nor can we guarantee the book will be reviewed. Only books that deal with the subject of our organization will be considered. We do not retract reviews which the sender considers unfavorable. If you wish confirmation that your book has been received by us, please include your e-mail address.

Authors are also welcome to send us their manuscripts before publication. We provide feedback without charge. Confidentiality is guaranteed. We do not review books that were submitted for feedback before publication.

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