The purpose of the following links is to provide information and alternative ways of looking at health care. Few conventional links are given, as the conventional way of looking at health care is already overrepresented in society.

Obviously, MeTZelf cannot be responsible for the content of linked sites. They are provided only as a service to our visitors.

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Conventional, pro-drug industry information on all sorts of health topics:
Medline Plus (US Government site)
Merck Manual (diseases)
Med Hunt (medical search engine)
Informed Health Online (general, including diseases)

Conventional, pro-drug industry information on prescription drugs:
Medline Plus (US Government site)
Prescription Drug information

Report an adverse drug reaction (US):
Med Watch

Less conventional sites on prescription drugs:
Informed Drug Guide (DE)

Open source medical journal
PLoS Medicine

Political organizations:
Health Freedom
Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, Inc. (Private Physicians)
La Leva di Archimede (Italian, English, French, German)
The Shane Ellison Archive
National Health Federation (This site advocates the freedom to use alternative treatments. Athough MeTZelf does not advocate any treatments, we do advocate freedom of choice.)

Patient Privacy Rights

Medical research on humans:
Alliance for Human Research Protection
Guinea Pig Kids

Health issues with a compassion-to-animals slant:
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Child vaccination issues:
National Vaccine Information Center

Alive & Well
The Perth Group
Help for HIV (contrary to what the name implies, no treatment is advocated)

National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance


Hysterectomy Alternatives and Aftereffects
HERS Foundation

Ventura33's Neurodiversity Page

Exposing the Fraud (Fred Baughman, pediatric neurologist)
Death from Ritalin
Able Child

Let them eat Prozac (David Healy)

General psychiatry issues:
Thomas Szasz, psychiatrist, (author of The Myth of Mental Illness)
Peter Breggin, psychiatrist, (author of Toxic Psychiatry)
Antipsychiatry Coalition
Mind Freedom (human rights in psychiatry)
International Association Against Psychiatric Assault
Law Project for Psychiatric Rights

Psychiatry humor:
Television interview with Gert Postel, master impostor
Bonkers Institute

Pharmaceutical marketing:
Healthy Skepticism

Withdrawal from benzodiazepines:
Professor Heather Ashton's Manual (also available in ten other languages)

Drug side effects:
International Coalition for Drug Awareness
Med Watch (for reporting side effects in the US)

Video images of psychiatric drug side-effects:
WARNING: unpleasant

Probably neuroleptic, possibly antidepressant
Typical neuroleptics (antipsychotics)
Neuroleptics, facial asymmetry
Neuroleptics, facial movements 
Some revealing videos including a series originally posted on the Internet by the University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC) have been removed. On the other hand new videos are regularly appearing, particularly those posted by victims or their families. You can find them by typing "tardive dyskinesia" in YouTube's search engine. Beware that there is also a musical band which offensively calls itself "Tardive Dyskinesia."

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