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Activities in 2012:

new book review: Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal (Breggin)
A delegation from MeTZelf attended the ADHD debate at De Balie. The debaters on stage were a well-known psychiatrist, a psychologist, and a manager at the company that manufactures a commonly prescribed drug. Described briefly the viewpoints expressed were:
  • The psychologist -- psychiatry fails to take environmental influences into account;
  • The psychiatrist -- psychological treatments are expensive and ineffective compared to drugs;
  • The manager -- our products are tested double-blind and meet all government required protocols.
At the end all agreed that psychiatric, psychological, and pharmaceutical treatments should all three be employed.

The suggestion to leave these children alone and let them be who they are was met by derision by all three, considering "the terrible suffering of these children." As to drug side effects "we need more funds for research so that we can develop better drugs."

In short, this was propaganda for ADHD treatment rather than a real debate.
new book reviews
A MeTZelf delegation attended a symposium inappropriately named "Blind spots in health care."
By lumping together counterfeit drugs, mainly Viagra, with alternative treatments such as homeopathy and herbs, the organizing parties which included our Ministry of Health, attempted to create the impression that alternative treatments employ highly dangerous substances. Needless to say, nothing that was said at the symposium substantiated such a claim. The background to this propaganda was a proposed law to bring these substances under prescription drug laws.

Uploaded in 2011, new book reviews:
Anatomy of an Epidemic by Robert Whitaker
Trust us, we're experts! by Rampton & Stauber
Modern Medicine: The New World Religion by Olivier Clerc
Confessions of a GP by Dr. Benjamin Daniels
War Against the Weak by Edwin Black
Whores of the Court by Margaret Hagen
Denying AIDS by Seth Kalichman

Among our activities in 2010 were:

our annual booth at the Liberation Day Information Market
attendance Szasz seminar: 'The Myth of Mental Illness' 50 Years On
attendance Selling Sickness Conference

If you would like information on these activities, please contact us.

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